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Bride who overcame cancer is left humiliated after man dumps chicken feces on property to stop her wedding

By Mason White 11:53 AM September 19, 2016
Kyle and Julie Charren getting married 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) A bride was left humiliated and angry after a man ruined her wedding with feces from chickens.

Julie Charren and her husband, Kyle, waited a long time to get married.

Sadly, she had to postpone the wedding two years ago, as she was battling breast cancer. Now, she was finally looking forward to her big day, and like every bride, she wanted it to be perfect.

Julie wanted an outdoor wedding. The couple booked a 32-acre farm in Exeter, Rhode Island. The stunning property, which is named Gerald’s Farm, belongs to Gerald Zarrella.

He received a permit from officials and permission from a court to hold two weddings on his property. However, his neighbor objected to him making the quiet farm into a wedding venue.

The two have been to court over the issue, but when the neighbor learned that Julie was getting married there, he decided to dump the chicken manure to make it unpleasant for the bride, groom and their wedding guests.

The event planner said that by the time they learned of the source of the smell, it was too late to move the wedding elsewhere.

It was very unpleasant for the bride, groom and wedding guests to sit outside. However, they had no other choice, but to suffer.

Zarrella was devastated that his neighbor would stoop so low to ruin the couple’s wedding. Zarrella is now suing his neighbors, James and Diane Lynch, over the incident.

Rhode Island state and environmental police also investigated the situation. They determined that although it was not a criminal act, the neighbor did commit a civil violation and he will receive a fine over it.

Officials also ordered Lynch to remove the chicken feces from the property, but they were not able to force him to remove it before the 200 guests arrived to the wedding.