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College student earns $1,800 a month by reviewing fast food on YouTube

By Mason White 7:18 AM September 20, 2016
John of the TheReportoftheWeek YouTube channel 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A college student in New York, is managing to earn nearly $2,000 per month, by reviewing fast food on his YouTube channel.

John, who runs the popular YouTube channel TheReportoftheWeek, reviews fast food from major restaurants.

He has accumulated over 600 videos and is earning about $1,800 per month, mostly from ad revenue.

John started reviewing fast food restaurant five years ago, and has accumulated a large fan base of over 88,000 subscribers on YouTube.

His videos have been watched nearly 8 million times. In addition to reviewing fast food, John records videos about energy drinks and frozen food.

John got the idea about reviewing fast food after watching a guy talking about pizza on YouTube, where he got many views.

The student still lives with his parents and buys outdated and oversized suits because he can purchase them for about $100 a piece.