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Foul-mouthed teacher asks student to lick her behind

By Mason White 3:18 PM September 19, 2016
Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A foul-mouthed teacher of Canada, is in trouble after she humiliated her students in class and called them derogatory names.

The high school English teacher in Ontario, was suspended for one month without pay after allegedly saying things to students that were very inappropriate.

Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson was suspended from the Dunnville Secondary School, after students reported her to school officials when she asked a student: “Why don’t you lick me where I pass gas.”

In another incident, Green-Johnson was accused of slapping a male student on the head while telling him to “grow some balls.”

After that incident, the Grand Erie District School Board suspended her for just one day without pay.

However, that was not the last time Green-Johnson got into trouble for putting students down and humiliating them in class.

She was also accused of calling a male student a “bloody pedophile” and telling a female student that she looked like a “frumpy old lady.”

The school board suspended her for six days without pay over those incidents. The teacher has not learned her lesson, and she has now been suspended for thirty days without pay.

People are now demanding to know why the foul-mouthed teacher is not fired from her job.