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France bans the use of plastic cutlery as well as plastic cups and plates

By Mason White 7:16 AM September 20, 2016
Plastic cutlery (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) France has outlawed the use of plastic tableware as part of a plan to make the country more environmentally friendly.

Initially, lawmakers proposed having the law go into effect in three years from now, but the date has been moved up to early next year.

When the law goes into effect, restaurants will be unable to serve any plastic cutlery, plastic cups or plastic plates.

Coffee vending machines will no longer dispense beverages in anything plastic and instead will use material that can be composted.

Opponents of the new law slammed it as anti-social, claiming that the measure will hurt poor families relying on cheap plastic tableware.

Lawmakers have already banned the use of plastic bags. The measure went into effect earlier this summer.

Opponents are preparing to file a lawsuit against the new ban, claiming that the measure violates the EU rule of free movement of goods.