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Man steals crucifixes from gift shop and uses them as weapon to beat random people

By Mason White 1:24 PM September 20, 2016
Forrest Brantley 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was arrested after he stole religious articles from a store and used it as a weapon.

Police in California, arrested 35-year-old Forrest Brantley, after he was accused of stealing crucifixes from a gift shop and used them to hit multiple victims.

Brantley broke into the gift shop of the Mission San Buenaventura church shortly before 6:00 a.m., and took two crucifixes, according to the Ventura Police Department.

Police said that Brantley, approached each victim and asked to use their phone. When they denied his request, he beat them with a crucifix.

At one point, Brantley broke the window of a 75-year-old man’s car. He injured the victim who was sitting inside, police said. The elderly man was treated at a hospital.

Brantley then broke into a thrift store, where he stole a bike.

He was charged with attempted robbery, commercial burglary, vandalism, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.