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Mother who asked homeless woman to look after her son ‘for a few minutes’ never returns

By Mason White 1:06 PM September 20, 2016

By: Mahesh Sarin
People in Russia, called police after seeing a young boy walking around at a train station with a homeless woman.

Police have since released a picture of the 2-year-old boy in an attempt to identify and locate his mother.

The homeless woman of Moscow, told police that the boy’s mother approached her at the train station and asked if her son Dima, can sit next to her for a few minutes.

The homeless woman agreed to look after him for a short time, but the mother never returned.

Residents became concerned after seeing the boy following the homeless woman as she begged for money on the streets.

Police questioned the woman, who has been living in the railway station in the city of Noginsk for some time.

They took custody of the child, who will be placed in an orphanage, if police cannot locate the mother or her family members.

Police have released the photo of the child with the hope that someone will recognize him and identify his mother. The 2-year-old boy reportedly has a learning disability and he does not speak, but he cries a lot.

The homeless woman described the mother as well dressed and claimed that she had a cough.