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Teacher installs bike pedals under students’ desks to help them concentrate

By Mason White 12:45 PM September 20, 2016
The desk cycle 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A teacher came up with a unique way to keep her students interested and focused in her class.

The math teacher of North Carolina, said that some students had trouble focusing during her lessons so she decided to take action.

Bethany Lambeth, 28, who teaches at the Martin Middle School in Raleigh, applied for a grant, and when it was approved, she bought a desk cycled machines that looks like bike pedals and she installed them under each of her students’ desk.

Lambeth, who has been teaching for the past seven years, said that the bike pedals help students channel their energy so they don’t lose their patience and concentration in class.

Lambeth said that her students love the new exercise desks and so do their parents because the quality of their work has gone up and their grades became much better.

The teacher explained that people often want to know if students find it distracting, but she claims that it has the opposite effect.

“The kids are no longer picking on each other, fidgeting and walking around, and they take their energy out on the bike and get their work done,” she said.