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Former inmates are going crazy for delicious potato chips that are made specially for prison

By Mason White 1:12 PM September 21, 2016
The Whole Shebang potato chips 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Former inmates have revealed that the prison commissary sells a specialty potato chip that is super delicious.

However, they are very hard to find outside the prison walls.

The chips are known as “jail chips,” because they are produced and sold exclusively for prisoners all over in the United States.

“The Whole Shabang” potato chips are produced by the Keefe Group, which is the company that supplies food and essentials that can be bought at the commissary in jails.

Two former inmates said that The Whole Shebang potato chips
taste “like a combination of salt and vinegar, barbecue seasoning, and a little bit of every other flavour ever known.”

Many ex-cons have tried to get their hands on these chips after leaving prison, but were unable to. Some have managed to locate a bag or two on eBay.

After many people signed a petition, asking Keefe Group to sell the chips outside from prison, they agreed and are now selling them on their website at the cost of $18.99 for 6 bags.