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Man earns $10,000 by selling video showing 18-month-old baby being sexually tortured by his girlfriend

By Mason White 1:14 PM September 21, 2016
Peter Gerard Scully 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) An Australian businessman was arrested in the Philippines, for the rape and torture of young children.

Prosecutors said that they cried as they watched the torture that Peter Gerard Scully perpetrated on the children.

Prosecutors said that they were so distraught by the severity of the torture that they will call for the death penalty to be reintroduced for crimes like these.

For several years, Scully, 52, was the mastermind of a worldwide syndicate, selling extreme videos of child sex and torture, police said.

He used two women for the Philippines, to perpetrate the acts while he told them what they should do to the victims.

The court heard that Scully directed a video called “Daisy’s Destruction” where an 18-month-old girl was tortured by a masked and naked woman.

The video allegedly shows the baby girl hanging upside down by her feet while the woman placed a lit candle inside her private parts. Prosecutors said that he sold this sickening video online to customers for up to $10,000.

Authorities said that they found one of Scully’s victims, an 11-year-old girl, dead in a shallow grave under the home that he was renting. The girl has been tortured and sexually abused by Scully.

Sadly, there were many victims from young baby’s up to 13 years old.

Scully arrived in the Philippines in 2011 after fleeing from police when he was wanted for fraud and deception charges in Melbourne.

Scully was arrested on 75 counts of sexual abuse, cyber sex, torture, rape, human trafficking and murder.