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Missing teen found after telling police on Facebook that she is alive and well in her bedroom

By Mason White 4:51 AM September 22, 2016
Erian Thompson 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A missing teen responded to her own missing persons appeal on Facebook, by telling officer that she is alive and well in her bedroom, according to police in Australia.

Queensland police first posted about the missing teenager on Sunday, asking people on the social networks to contact them if they had any information about the girl.

Not long after her photo and information were published, the girl commented that she is alive and well in her bedroom. The girl told police that her sister reported her missing after she had a fight with her.

“Guys I’m fine. I’m not missing. This is an overreaction to a fight I had with my sister. I’m legit just sitting in my bedroom,” she wrote on Facebook.

Police responded to her comment, saying that she had to come down to the station in order to confirm that she is well. Only after 17-year-old Erian Thompson proved that she was safe and well, police removed their post from Facebook.