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Charges dismissed against man who kicked woman in the face for wearing shorts because Islamic law demanded it

By Mason White 7:14 AM September 23, 2016
Abdullah Cakiroglu 

By: Chan Yuan
People in Turkey, are very angry after prosecutors decided to dismiss assault charges against a man who kicked a woman in the face for wearing shorts.

23-year-old Aysegul Terzi of Istanbul, who works as a nurse, called police to report that Abdullah Cakiroglu, who works as a security guard, kicked her in the face because she was wearing short pants.

The incident unfolded on a public bus in front of many passengers.

Cakiroglu was arrested on assault charges, but when he said that Islamic law dictated him to kick the woman in the face, he was freed.

Prosecutors said that it was not in the public interest to take the assault case in court. When people heard the decision of the prosecutors, they organized large protests.

The assault was recorded on video, and was uploaded to the Internet. After the story attracted international attention, Cakiroglu was arrested by officers of the court.