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Drunk mother throws her twin boys out the window during fight with her boyfriend

By Mason White 12:18 PM September 22, 2016
Benita Barbour 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) An evil mother hurt her toddlers as a way to punish their father.

A mother of Rhode Island, is in jail after she threw her toddler twin sons out of a first floor window of his apartment.

Benita Barbour, 37, who was drunk at the time, was arguing with her boyfriend when she grabbed her sons and threw them out of the window.

The 2-year-old boys landed on the porch below. A neighbor who witnessed the incident, took videos of the boyfriend, 37-year-old Michael Watts, trying to take their boys back into the home.

The children, who were still in their pajamas, were seen crying as Watts began dragging them back into their house. However,
Barbour allegedly slammed the door, knocking one of the twins to the ground.

The neighbor called police and Barbour was arrested while her children were taken to Hasbro Children’s Hospital, where they were treated for scrapes and bruises.

They were then released into the custody of the Department of Children, Youth and Families.