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Married teacher has sex with 17-year-old student in his home and watches her in the shower

By Mason White 7:16 AM September 23, 2016
Cerys Shore 

By: Feng Qian
A married teacher was arrested after being accused of having sex with his teenage student, according to police in the United Kingdom.

However, the Crown Prosecution Service decided not pursue a case against 30-year-old Richard Shore of Cardiff, after claiming that he just allowed the girl to take showers in his bathroom and denied having sex with her.

His case went before the Fitness To Practice Committee, and they ruled that Shore will not be allowed to teach. Shore’s wife, 28-year-old Cerys Shore, testified against her husband at the committee.

She and Richard were married for one year before learning about the affair. She revealed that her husband confessed to having sex with the 17-year-old girl multiple times.

The teacher fell in love with the girl during a school trip to California. Richard went jogging with the girl, and became attracted to her.

When they returned to the United Kingdom, their relationship grew. They began having sex in the girl’s home and his home.

Richard was a teacher at the Radyr Comprehensive School.

Cerys believes that the affair lasted at least five months. When social workers interviewed the girl, she told them that she was in love with her teacher.