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12-year-old girl kills herself to donate her organs to sick father and brother but family finds suicide note after cremation

By Mason White 6:45 AM September 28, 2016
Young girl (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A young girl in India, committed suicide in order to help her sick brother and father, but she ended up being cremated.

12-year-old Mumpy Sarkar of West Bengal, drank pesticide so that her father and brother can use her healthy organs.

However, she died in vein, after her family decided to cremate the body before finding her suicide note in which she expressed her wish to help out her sick family.

The girl’s father needed an eye transplant to regain his vision while her brother needed a kidney transplant. The suicide note detailing her wish to help her father and brother was found a day after the body was cremated.

The 12-year-old girl did tell her older sister of her plan and urged her to join her for the cause, but she laughed and went to school.

Mumpy then drank a pesticide and ran to tell her father that someone poured poison into her mouth and her stomach hurt.

The girl was taken to a hospital as her conditioned worsened and she died later that day. Before going to the hospital, she left the suicide note on her bed, but nobody went into her room until after the cremation.