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Coffee shop gives away free coffee to drivers who do not use their cellphones while driving

By Mason White 6:35 AM September 28, 2016
Driving Barista app 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A coffee shop in Japan, announced that it will be giving away free coffee to those drivers who don’t use their cellphones while driving.

Drivers who want to enjoy free coffee, will have to install the Driving Barista app on their cellphones.

The app uses the phone’s sensors to detect the tilt of the device. The GPS of the phone will track the distance traveled without using the device.

Those drivers who travel 60 miles without touching their cellphones, will receive vouchers for free cups of coffee at the Komeda Coffee Shop.

Komeda has teamed up with Toyota Motor Corporation and KDDI Corporation, to reduce traffic accident fatalities in the country.

Toyota said in a statement that its ultimate goal is to achieve zero traffic fatalities and zero traffic accidents.