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Flight attendants panic after looking for missing passenger named Barbara only to realize that she was a doll with a ticket

By Mason White 6:09 PM September 27, 2016
Barbara the doll sitting in plane seat 

By: Wayne Morin
A man who traveled to see a replica of Noah’s ark, flew on a plane along with a bunch of bananas and a baby doll, according to passengers on board the flight.

Sara Novic of New York, said that she was flying to Cincinnati Ohio, when she found herself sitting beside a baby doll.

The owner of the doll, who was not identified, bought a ticket for the toy and placed it in the seat next to Novic. The man also had a bunch of bananas as a snack for himself and the doll.

As they were prepared to take off, flight attendants began frantically looking for a passenger named Barbara. That is when the man notified the crew that they were looking for his doll.

The man was admonished for buying his doll a ticket rather than carrying it in his luggage. The man and the doll were heading to a museum and to see a Noah’s ark replica.

Novic took photos of the doll and uploaded them on Twitter.

She said that the doll was very creepy, but behaved better than any baby.