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Woman shocked to see plane passenger beside her was baby doll whose owner bought her a ticket

By Mason White 12:13 PM September 27, 2016
Doll sitting in plane seat 

By: Barbara the doll next to Novic
A woman took to social media to express her shock when the “passenger” next to her was a doll.

The woman said that the man who was sitting in the window seat of her aisle, paid for a seat for his baby doll rather than keeping it in his luggage.

Sara Novic said that she was traveling on a midnight flight from Brooklyn, New York, to Cincinnati, Ohio, and was happy to see that the seat next to her was empty, but then became puzzled when a man with his “terrifying doll” arrived.

Novic documented the strange experience on Twitter, describing it as a “nightmare.”

In her first tweet she wrote: “Good news: no person in the middle seat next to me. Bad news: terrifying baby doll that belongs to the man in the window seat next to me.”

She then kept updating her friends on Twitter, saying: “He bought the doll a ticket. The flight attendant is trying to explain why you should not put the name of the doll on the ticket next time you buy one.

“Apparently, the TSA was frantically trying to match the name and birth date provided until they realized it was not a real person.”

She then posted a photo of herself next the doll and wrote: “Happy waking nightmares, everybody.”

After a two-hour layover, Novic said that she was even more surprised to find that the man with the doll named Barbara, once again was sitting next to her.

Novic took another photo of herself with the doll that was sitting on her right. “On the positive side, Barbara was a very well-behaved baby,” she joked.