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Groom suffers medical emergency after silly prank on the way to his wedding went wrong

By Mason White 3:12 PM September 28, 2016
Groom being sprayed 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A wedding nearly turned deadly after friends of the groom played a prank on him.

A video of the incident that was uploaded to the Internet, shows the groom coming out of a car and walking towards the hall.

The groom was dressed in firefighting gear, with a hat, jacket and pants.

One of the friends jumped on the groom, causing him to fall to the ground. That is when other wedding guest began spraying the groom with fire extinguishers.

He was heard coughing and screaming that he cannot breathe. The bride told people to bring him water.

Emergency workers were called to help the groom as he had a hard time catching his breath. Luckily, after some time, the groom began feeling better and he was able continue the wedding.