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Boy who received $1 million from Education Department for being unable to read and write uses money to become criminal

By Mason White 3:51 PM September 28, 2016
Beau Abela 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A boy made headlines when his father sued the department of education because his son was unable to read or write.

Beau Abela of Australia, was just 12 years old at the time when his father filed the lawsuit on his behalf.

The father, Peter, took the Victorian Government to court, accusing it of failing to give his son a proper education.

A Federal Court ruled that the education department had in fact failed Beau and they were ordered to pay nearly $1 million to child. The state also agreed to fund the purchase of a car for Beau when he will be 18 years old.

The money was suppose to cover a private education, training, personal advancement, including in relation to self-esteem, health or employment prospects for Beau.

Sadly, Beau, who is now 22 years old, used the money to buy drugs and he is leading a criminal life.

Beau was arrested after being accused of stealing a $2,000 Nissan. He pleaded guilty to the charges and he was handed a good behavior bond.

Psychologist Dr. Kaylene Evers believes that despite winning the $1 million and a car, the years of drawn out legal action at such a young age may have caused Beau significant trauma, leading him to live a destructive life.