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Bride is shocked as her prankster father deliberately dropped her wedding cake in front of guests

By Mason White 3:48 PM September 28, 2016
The bride and groom watching father drop the cake 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A bride, groom and wedding guests were shocked when the bride’s father dropped the wedding cake.

The bride’s father, Andy Todd, 47, of Devon, England, is known as a prankster.

The bride said that her mother spoke to her father before the wedding and asked him not to do any pranks during the wedding.

However, as he was giving his speech during the wedding, Todd went over to the cake and said that he wants to thank the baker, who was also at the wedding, for doing such a beautiful job decorating it.

The bride, 23-year-old Dina, was heard telling her father not to lift the cake, but he did not listen. As he was putting the cake down, Todd deliberately dropped it to the floor.

Dina and her new husband Johnny Smart, 24, were horrified by seeing their cake in pieces on the floor.

Screams of shock and horror were also heard from the guests as the video captured the moment the cake went tumbled to the floor.

However, Todd soon pointed out that the real cake was in the back of the room. Everyone looked up and laughed.

“My head was in my hands, tears were about to come. I have never felt anything like it, I was so angry for about two minutes. It was a big surprise,” the bride said.

Todd, who is a caterer, said that he had been planning this prank for six months, and he did not even tell his wife about it.

He just asked the baker to replicate the real cake using styrofoam. The baker named Sam, did a great job, as the fake cake looked exactly like the real one.