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Mother threatens to kill her baby because nobody wants to marry her

By Mason White 8:38 AM September 30, 2016
Jackline Jepng’etich and her baby 

By: Wayne Morin
Police launched an investigation after a woman in Kenya, threatened to kill her baby because she can’t find a man who is willing to marry her with a child.

Jackline Jepng’etich, the mother of a baby girl, posted her threat on Facebook, saying that she is going to kill her baby in order to be free to marry a man.

“Who is going to marry me with this baby. I will kill her right away,” Jepng’etich wrote on Facebook. She also changed her status to “thinking about doing something crazy.”

Xtian Dela, who is popular on social media, kicked off the hashtag #SaveJacklineJepngetichFromMurder, trying to get the woman the help she needs.

Earlier this week, Jepng’etich posted that she feels miserable and lonely, and is looking to marry someone.