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Black bride marries white mannequin after groom failed to show up

By Mason White 8:45 AM September 30, 2016
Black bride marrying white mannequin 

By: Chan Yuan
People in Nigeria, are angry after a photo surfaced, showing a black bride marrying a white mannequin in Europe.

People close with the bride said that the woman of Nigeria, met the groom on the Internet.

After a short period of time, the parents of the woman pressured her to get married to her online lover who lives in Europe.

The couple set a date, and the bride flew to Europe. However, when the time came to tie the knot, the groom did not show up.

Out of desperation, the bride and her friends decided that the marriage ceremony will continue with a mannequin in order not to disappoint her parents.

They found a white mannequin, and the bride tied the knot with it. People criticized the bride for taking on a white mannequin instead of a black one.