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Frito-Lay begins selling black Doritos chips in bag decorated with bats and vampires

By Mason White 1:14 PM September 29, 2016
Black Doritos chips 

By: Chan Yuan
The company that produces the popular Doritos chips has announced the release of garlic chips, which are black.

Frito-Lay has announced that the black chips are now available in Japan.

The chips are black, and the bag is decorated with bats, vampires and tombstones to give the snack a scary look.

Consumers in Asia, love oddly colored snack and fast food.

Several months ago, McDonald’s began selling green burgers in China. The moldy-looking burgers were offered in celebration of an Angry Birds movie.

The fast-food giant is also selling red burgers, and they are only available in China.

The innovation consists of pork, eggs, lettuce and a secret jalapeno sauce in the middle of two bright green hamburger buns.

The Super Red Burger is essentially the same as a double chicken sandwich, but using two bright red buns instead of regular bread.

However, some people think that McDonald’s has gone too far with the new concoction, even describing the green burger as fresh mold and the red burger as old blood.