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Chris Brown throws out bag with weapons and drugs during long standoff with police after pointing gun at his girlfriend

By Mason White 2:30 AM September 1, 2016
Baylee Curran 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A popular singer was arrested on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend during an argument, according to police in California.

Los Angeles police said that they have arrested 27-year-old Chris Brown, after being accused of pointing a loaded gun at 25-year-old Baylee Curran.

In court, Brown pleaded not guilty to one count of assault with a deadly weapon. He was booked into jail, and his bail has been set at $250,000.

If convicted, Brown faces up to 12 years in prison. According to the criminal complaint, the incident unfolded early on Tuesday morning around 3:00 a.m.

Curran, who was crowned the 2016 Miss California Regional, told police that she had been admiring a piece of jewelry in Brown’s house when the singer lost his cool.

He pointed a gun at her and order her to leave. The woman left the home, and she was accompanied outside by several friends of Brown.

When Curran demanded her cellphone and shoes that remained inside the house, Brown brought them out to her and asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Curran grabbed her items and fled from the scene before calling the police. At 12:00 p.m., police were still outside Brown’s house.

The police have recovered weapons and drugs after Brown threw a duffel bag out of the window of his house.