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Mother finds long worm cooked into her son’s McDonald’s French fries

By Mason White 2:28 AM September 6, 2016
The fries with the worm 

By: Feng Qian
A mother was horrified after finding a worm cooked in her son’s French fries.

33-year-old Charlotte Clements posted a photo of the food with the worm to Facebook, where it was shared by thousands of people.

Clements said that she bought the French fries at a McDonald’s branch in Nantgarw, Wales, on Saturday.

Clements said that she and her husband Stephen, took their three children to the restaurant “as a treat.” However, halfway through the meal, her son Jarred realized that there was something wrong with his fries.

“My husband thought it was a potato eye at first, but then we realized what it was,” she said.

The couple returned the food and received a full refund. However, Clements said that the incident left her so upset that she is unable to eat.

“I’m so angry. Every time I look at food I feel so sick that I cannot eat,” Clements said.