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Teenager is killed while crossing road hours after being cleared of attempted murder charges

By Mason White 8:40 AM October 2, 2016
Harry Butler 

By: Chan Yuan
A family of the United Kingdom, was left mourning the loss of their son a short time after hearing the good news that he was cleared of attempted murder charges.

The teenager was hit by a camper van while he was crossing a busy highway with his friend a few hours after he was informed that he will not be prosecuted after being accused of trying to kill a love rival.

18-year-old Harry “Hazz” Butler of Andover, died while his 23-year-old friend suffered serious injuries and remains in the Southampton General Hospital.

Julie, the mother of Butler’s former girlfriend Hannah Simmons, said that legal troubles for Butler began almost 10 months ago when he found her daughter with a new man.

Butler was upset to lose his girlfriend to the 24-year-old man and he reportedly attempted to get her back.

A few days later, the new boyfriend fell 30 feet from a balcony and suffered injuries that left him hospitalized for months.
Detectives began an investigation to determine whether Butler was behind the attack.

However, after a long investigation, Butler was cleared of any wrongdoing. Sadly, he died a few hours later.

Julie said that when her daughter received the call to inform her of Butler’s death. She thought it was a cruel joke as she was celebrating her 19th birthday. She was shocked to learn that it was not a joke, Julie said.