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Woman caught having sex with dinosaur at children’s playground

By Mason White 8:36 AM October 2, 2016
The woman and the dinosaur 

By: Wayne Morin
Police released photos of a woman that was seen having sex with a dinosaur that was on display at a children’s park in the United Kingdom.

The disturbing photos shows the woman holding her dress up and with no underpants on.

She was seen straddling the fibreglass baby T-Rex dinosaur that is on display at the Dinosaur Safari Trail attraction in Devon.

People took photos if the indecent acts that took place in broad daylight and handed the photos to police.

Police said that since releasing the photos, they received tips that led them to the suspect. Charges against her are still pending.

Sergeant Richard Stonecliffe of the Exmouth police department, said: “We have now identified the woman in the photographs and we will be speaking to her.”

Organizers of the Exmouth Dino Trail attraction said they were “completely disgusted” by the woman’s actions.

An East Devon District Council worker removed the head of the baby dinosaur to deep clean it after the woman’s sex act.