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Company sells scented candles that smell like new Apple MacBook

By Mason White 5:38 PM October 5, 2016
Candles that smell like new Apple MacBook 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A company began selling candles that smell like brand new Apple MacBooks.

The product is being sold by Twelve South, which is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

A spokesperson for the company said that due to the popularity of their candles, its entire stock was sold out. Consumers are urged to register in order to be notified as soon as the new candles are set to be shipped.

The company promised that the scented candles will be available later this month after the initial stock sold out in just 2 hours.

The candles are hand poured in Charleston. They are made of 100 percent soy wax. The candles can burn up to 60 hours each.

The price tag on the candle is just $24 so those who love the scent of a new Apple MacBook but cannot afford one, can at least make the bedroom smell like one.