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Artist killed and dumped on side of road by bus driver who picked her up from airport

By Mason White 10:03 AM October 5, 2016
Barbara McClatchie Andrews 

By: Wayne Morin
Family and friends of a popular artist and photographer were shocked to learn of her brutal death.

Police in Mexico, have launched an investigation after the body of a Canadian citizen was found on the side of a road by a farmer.

74-year-old Barbara McClatchie Andrews, who was a native of Vancouver, was found beaten and strangled to death. Her money and camera had been stolen.

Police have arrested the bus driver, who took McClatchie from the airport in Cancun to her home in Merida, where she lived in for the past decade.

Police said that McClatchie, was the last passenger on the bus and the driver was the last person to see her alive, during the close to four hour bus ride.

Her body was discovered on the side of the road close to her destination at 7:30 a.m.

Andrews ran a non-profit art gallery in Merida for several years. There, she supported emerging artists. She also maintained close contact with family and friends in Canada, while she traveled the world.

Canadian officials are in contact with Mexican authorities.