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Man spends $6,000 for breast implants because women have better job opportunities

By Mason White 4:00 AM October 7, 2016
Ho after getting breast implants 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man in China, is being taunted after spending thousands of dollars on breast implants.

The 30-year-old of Zhuzhou City, who was identified as Ho, said that he had to get breast implants since he could not find a job as a man.

He spent $6,000 on breast implants at the Ruilan Medical Cosmetic Hospital, as the women he knew all found good jobs while he was unemployed.

Ho took out a loan to pay for the surgery. When his mother found out about her son’s surgery, she began to cry. She begged him to have the breast implants removed as she could not stand seeing her son with big breasts.

Eventually, Ho decided to have his breast implants removed after being unable to find a job and his family threatened to disown him.