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Man kills his best friend by punching him once in the face following a night of drinking

By Mason White 1:30 PM October 7, 2016
Richard Eveleigh 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was arrested on a charge of manslaughter after being accused of killing his best friend by punching him once in the face, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Now, 62-year-old Richard Eveleigh of Wirral, has been sentenced to serve 28 months in prison after being convicted of manslaughter in connection with the death of 60-year-old Paul Lightowler.

According to the criminal complaint, the two men had been friends for over 40 years and were both dedicated Liverpool FC fans.

Before the killing, they had been watching their team playing in the finals on a big screen at the Liverpool Echo Arena. The two then had a meal and around four pints of beer each in a bar.

After the game, the two men and some other friends and family went into the city for a few more drinks. The two men began arguing and continued arguing as they made their way to “Patterson’s Bar.”

Surveillance video showed the men entering the bar with their friends, and Lightowler is seen leaving. He was followed by Eveleigh, who is then seen punching Lightowler once to the left side of his face with his right hand.

Lightowler then fell backwards and cracked the back of his head on the road, knocking him unconscious. He told officers that he was mortified and hadn’t meant to injure his friend.

He admitted that he was drunk, but said that he was still in control of his actions.

Lightowler was not able to be interviewed and was taken to a hospital, but he never regained consciousness and died nine days later.

Lightowler had died due to an assault by “blunt impact trauma,” which made him fall backwards, causing internal brain injuries, which he later died from.