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U.S. Major Army General uses government credit card to pay for bars and strip clubs in Rome

By Mason White 1:25 PM October 7, 2016
Ron Lewis (right) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A U.S. Major Army General was fired after allegedly using a government credit card to pay for strip clubs and bars, according to a report by the Department of Defense.

Ron Lewis, who was a three star general, is accused of spending thousands of dollars for strippers and alcoholic beverages in South Korea and Italy.

According to the investigation, Lewis used his government credit card to enjoy himself at the Candy Bar club. He charged $1,125 on the credit card.

The U.S. government has banned its personnel to enter the Candy Bar club as it is frequented by hookers.

While Lewis was in Rome, he used his government credit card to make a payment of $1,755 bat the Cica Cica Boom club, where prostitutes pick up their clients.

Lewis claimed that his credit card was stolen. He admitted to drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages at the Cica Cica Boom club.

Lewis was also accused of forcing himself on a female subordinate while he was drunk. Lewis is facing a reduction in his rank and a large fine.

No criminal charges have been filed.