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Man poses as sexy college student and manages to victimize 40 men

By Mason White 1:21 PM October 7, 2016
Woman (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was finally caught and arrested after pretending to be a sexy college student and victimizing men.

The 26-year-old man, who was identified as Yang of China, was tracked down by police, who said that he created fake social media accounts, on which he posted nude photos of a woman.

The photos were stolen from a young woman who was reportedly studying at a university in Shanghai.

Yang joined several online prostitution sites, where he shared the explicit photos in an attempt to attract “customers,” according to the police report.

Yang worked as a taxi driver, often at different locations. He updated his social media status, showing where he was and he used an app to contact men in the area.

He chatted with men and convinced them to sent him money through an online payment app. After receiving the money, Yang would no longer respond to the person.

He earned about $3,000 from 40 men through his scam before he was reported to police.

Investigators said that most men did not come forward as prostitution is illegal and they were concerned about tarnishing their own reputations.

However, after Yang was arrested, police discovered that he victimized a lot of men.

Yang faces charges of fraud, prostitution and for the pornographic images that he stole from the college student.