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ShopRite slapped with lawsuit after woman slipped on string bean while shopping

By Mason White 6:10 PM October 9, 2016
String beans (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A woman of New Jersey, filed a lawsuit against ShopRite, after she slipped on a piece of string bean and became permanently disabled, according to court documents.

55-year-old Carol DiPasquale of Oakland, told the Bergen County Superior Court that ShopRite was negligent by allowing the string bean to stay on the floor of the produce aisle until she slipped on it.

DiPasquale suddenly and without warning, slipped on the string bean on the floor of the store, and violently hit the ground.

DiPasquale suffered serious and permanent injuries, and has been disabled and disfigured ever since the fall. She is also suffering great pain and torment, both mental and physical.

DiPasquale’s lawyer told the court that ShopRite was negligent by allowing the string beans to fall out of containers and not providing mats or similar security devices, causing the area to be extremely dangerous to customers.