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New York restaurant owner employs grandmothers from around the world as chefs

By Mason White 2:41 PM October 10, 2016
The chefs at Enoteca Maria restaurant 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A restraunt owner of New York, decided to employ grandmothers who have many years of experience in cooking, as his chefs.

Jody Scaravella, who is the owner of the Enoteca Maria restaurant in Staten Island, said that he was sad when his grandmother, mother and sister died in close proximity.

He also missed their home cooking, so he decided to hire grandmothers to cook at his restaurant.

Scaravella hired 30 “nonnas,” an Italian word for grandmother, from around the world to cook in his restaurant.

Every day, he has at least one Italian grandmother as the chef along with another nonna from places such as Argentina, Algeria, Syria, the Dominican Republic, Poland, Liberia, and Nigeria.

He also has a grandfather working in the kitchen. Giuseppe Freya, who is from Calabria, makes all the pasta.

Scaravella set up a calendar on his website, where he has a list of the grandmother cooking for the day, so people can have a taste of different cultures every night.

Scaravella said that some grandmothers can get a bit bossy as they are used to being the head of their family, but they get along and customers love them.