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Amazon slammed for selling sexy burka costume that is as short as a mini skirt

By Mason White 10:10 AM October 11, 2016
Sexy burka for sale on Amazon 

By: Chan Yuan
Shoppers in the United Kingdom, were angry after seeing a sexy burka costume for sale on Amazon.

After getting hundreds of complaints, Amazon decided to pull the costume from the site.

Amazon listed the sexy burka with the title “fun fashion sexy Muslim Islamic women black burk costume.” The costume was sold for $29.99.

Shoppers expressed their anger as the costume was as short as a mini skirt. Some claimed that the costume is offensive to religion while others claimed it is racist and disgusting.

Amazon removed the costume for its website following the uproar. When asked why the costume was removed, Amazon said that the listing violated its selling guidelines.

Amazon also threatened to terminate those accounts selling the costume.