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Elderly woman sues own children for failing to take care of her

By Mason White 6:12 PM October 13, 2016
Old woman (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
An elderly woman in China, dragged her children to court because they failed to take care of her.

The 73-year-old woman of Pengzhou, who was not identified, told a court that her four children abandoned her and reused to give her money or take care of her needs.

The woman demanded to live with her oldest son and his family. She asked him to give her a place to stay, and to give her 66 pounds of rice each month.

She also wants access to her children’s land in order to cultivate it. She asked the court to order each of her children to give her 100 yuan ($14.86) a month.

She wants her children to visit her on her birthdays and holidays. During the court hearing, which lasted more than an hour, the children and their mother did not reach a compromise.

The children however, did agree to give their mother money.