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Companies announce that stinky sewage trucks will smell like chocolate

By Mason White 2:54 PM October 13, 2016
Chocolate (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Drivers in Japan, no longer have to put up with the sewage smell that emitted from trucks carrying raw sewage.

Truck drivers are especially happy with the new innovation that will leave their sewage trucks smelling like chocolate.

Four sewage collecting companies in Osaka, have announced that they have joined forces to come up with a solution to mask the harsh smell that comes out of their vacuum trucks that are commonly used to collect sewage.

The companies enlisted the help of Yamamoto Fragrance and Shikibo, a manufacturer who created a pleasant-smelling deodorizer called “Deo Magic.” The product has been used primarily in diapers and pet odor-eliminating products.

They came up with a lubricating oil that will emit the smell of chocolate from the trucks to mask the harsh smell.

Although the companies have received good reports from people, some parents seem to take issue with the fact that feces is being associated with chocolate.

One parent of young children suggested that the association between the similarly colored things might encourage kids to indulge in a bathroom snack. “They should have used the smell of orange juice instead,” the parents suggested.

“I’ll never be able to eat chocolate ever again,” another person said.