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Teen punches face of police officer who found his baby wandering in the street without socks or shoes

By Mason White 6:00 PM October 13, 2016
Timothy Alan Hanson 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A father was arrested on a charge of assaulting a police officer after allegedly punching a police in the face, according to police in Montana.

Great Falls police said that they have arrested 19-year-old Timothy Alan Hanson, after being accused of allowing his baby to crawl on the street alone in very cold temperatures.

Hanson has been charged with assault on a police officer, endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest. He was booked into jail, and his bail was set at $10,000.

According to the criminal complaint, Detective Jesse Slaughter heard a child crying on the street while walking with his family on Sunday.

The baby was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and pants without socks or shoes. The temperature at the time was around 39 degrees.

Slaughter was trying to find the child’s parents when Hanson approached him. Slaughter identified himself as a police officer and Hanson started a physical altercation.

Hanson then punched the police officer in the face and ran into his apartment. When the officer noticed a gun in the apartment, he called for backup.

Hanson resisted arrest, and a Taser had to be used to detain him.