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Flight attendant does not allow black woman to save dying man because they did not believe she is a doctor

By Mason White 8:53 AM October 14, 2016
Dr. Tamika Cross MD 

By: Wayne Morin
A doctor expressed her anger over the blatant discrimination she suffered at the hands of a flight attendant on a Delta Airlines flight.

Dr. Tamika Cross MD, was on a flight from Houston, Texas, to Detroit, Michigan, when she heard a woman who was sitting two rows in front of her, screaming for help.

The woman’s husband was unconscious and Cross was ready to help. However, a flight attendant blocked her from getting close to the man and ordered Cross to sit down.

A flight attendant then made an announcement and asked if there was a physician on board. Cross raised her hand, saying that she is a doctor.

To which the flight attendant replied: “oh no sweetie put your hand down, we are looking for actual physicians or nurses or some type of medical personnel, we don’t have time to talk to you.”

Cross insisted that she is a doctor. The her utter shock, the flight attendant asked her to show her credentials.

The doctor wrote about the incident on Facebook, where her post was shared more than 32,800 times.

Cross said that the flight attendant made fun of her and said “oh wow you’re an actual physician? I reply ‘yes.’ She said ‘let me see your credentials. What type of Doctor are you? Where do you work? Why were you in Detroit?’

“Please remember that this man is still in need of help and she is blocking me from even standing up while
bombarding me with questions,” Cross wrote.

Cross said that she replied: “I am an OBGYN, I work in Houston, I was in Detroit for a wedding. Now excuse me so I can help the man in need.”

Meanwhile, a white older man approached the unconscious man, and without showing any proof that he was a doctor, he was allowed to tend to the man, but Cross was not allowed to get close.

Cross said that after 10 minutes, the flight attendant asked for medical advice for the sick man and she decided to help despite being discriminated against.

The flight attendant later apologized several times and offered free skymiles, but Cross declined it.

“She came and apologized to me several times and offered me Skymiles. I kindly refused. This is going higher than her. I don’t want Skymiles in exchange for blatant discrimination. Whether this was race, age, gender discrimination, it’s not right,” Cross added.

Dr. Tamika Cross serves as the chief resident for obstetrician and gynecologist at the Harris Health Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital.