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Groom’s friends burst into bedroom while having sex with bride and pull off blanket before spanking his bottom

By Mason White 4:26 AM October 16, 2016
The bride and groom in bed 

By: Chan Yuan
A groom might want to choose new friends after he was humiliated in public.

A video of the embarrassing incident was uploaded the Liveleak, where it went viral.

The newlyweds of China, were spending their first night together as a married couple when the groom’s friends decided to play a prank on him.

The husband was lying on top of his wife as they were having sex in bed when the group burst into the room with a video camera.

The men were heard laughing and screaming before pulling the blanket away from the couple, exposing their naked bodies.

The couple ordered the intruders to leave, while the bride tried to pull the covers back on them in an attempt to protect their modesty.

However, her attempts failed as the men lunged forward and smacked the groom’s exposed bottom while laughing hysterically.

After a few embarrassing moments, the groom’s friends finally left and they uploaded the video to the Internet for the world to see.