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Mother joins her daughter in jail after mailing drugs to her

By Mason White 4:14 AM October 16, 2016
Nadine Carroll 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A mother and daughter can now spend time together as they were placed in the same jail.

Authorities in Florida, said that the mother mailed drugs to a prison in Key West, where her daughter was jailed.

Becky Herrin, who is the Monroe County Sheriff’s spokesperson, said that a deputy near the jail found the envelope and noticed that it had a chemical smell.

He opened the envelope and saw a substance inside. The substance was tested and it turned out to be Buprenorphine, which is a synthetic opioid.

Deputies went to the home of 55-year-old Nadine Carroll, who sent the package to her daughter, and she was arrested.

Now, Carroll is in the same prison as her daughter, 27-year-old Shannon Carroll.

Records show that Shannon Carroll was arrested on charges of driving with a suspended license and possession of cocaine.

The mother faces charges of smuggling contraband into jail.