24-year-old woman uses her innocent father to commit bank robbery

Chelsea Wilson 
By: Feng Qian

A father was shocked to learn that he took part in a bank robbery.

The man of Florida, was seen driving his daughter to a bank before she robbed the place.

The father told FBI investigators that his daughter, 24-year-old Chelsea Wilson of Hollywood, asked him to driver her to a job interview.

He said that he dropped off his daughter at the bank in Fort Lauderdale, where he was told she was hired for the job.

However, the father did not know that his daughter walked up to the teller and demanded money.

She allegedly handed the teller a note, which read: “You have exactly one minute to give me all your $50 and $100 bills from both drawers or I will shoot you. No dye packs, no alarms, follow these instructions and no one will get hurt, act normal.”

The teller handed Wilson $300 and she ran out to the parking lot and got into her father’s black SUV.

The FBI and South Florida Violent Crime Task Force worked together to track down the suspect, who was caught on surveillance video.

Wilson, who allegedly told detectives that she stole the money to buy groceries, is being held without bail as she is suspected of committing three similar bank robberies in the area.

The father was not arrested as it was determined that he did not know about his daughter's plans to rob the bank.