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Man caught in possession of two guns tells police they belong to his 4-year-old son

By Mason White 4:23 AM October 19, 2016
Man shooting gun (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on a charge of drug possession after allegedly being in possession of heroin and Suboxone pills, according to police in Minnesota.

Minnetonka police said that hey have arrested 22-year-old Maksim Bak, following a raid on his apartment, where officers found weapons and drugs.

He was booked into the Hennepin County jail, where he is being held pending a bail hearing. According to the criminal complaint, officers raided Bak’s apartment, where they found drugs and guns.

When Bak was asked if the heroin and six pills of Suboxone belong to him, he said “yes.” However, he denied being the owner of the Bear River pellet rifle and .117-caliber BB gun.

Bak claimed that the guns belong to his 4-year-old son. Police took DNA swabs to confirm whether the guns belong to Bak or his son.