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Man buys car and returns to rob owner at gunpoint before sending a text to apologize for the robbery

By Mason White 7:21 AM October 18, 2016
Romelson Faustin 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A man in Florida, was arrested after sending a text message to his victim, apologizing for an armed robbery.

Police arrested 20-year-old Romelson Faustin, 20, after he entered a car dealership with another man and a woman, and robbed the owner.

Anthony Spinella of Power Motors Auto Brokers, Inc. in Bonita Springs, said that Faustin came into the business and pointed the gun at his brother, and demanded he hand over all the money he had in his pocket.

His brother did as he was told and handed over $400 before the suspects fled.

Spinella said that he knows Faustin as he was their customer. Faustin bought a car and he was making payments towards it.

He already put a $600 down payment on it weeks before the robbery.

About 45 minutes after the incident, Faustin sent a text message to Spinella, apologizing for the robbery. In one message he wrote: “Brother, I was in Molly.” In the next message he wrote: “I’m sorry.”

Faustin was later arrested, and he faces charges of robbery with a firearm and possession of cocaine.

Spinella said that he was surprised over the armed robbery as Faustin “was a nice young kid.”