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Pastor threatens young kids with gun for driving their bikes near his church

By Mason White 8:56 AM October 18, 2016
Bobby Slagle 

By: Chan Yuan
A pastor was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot children for riding their bikes too close to his church.

Police in Indiana, were called after the children said that the pastor warned them to stay away from his church or he will shoot them.

Henry County prosecutors said that 69-year-old Bobby Slagle, showed his firearm to the children outside the Calvary Baptist Church located at 2700 S. Main Street.

According to the New Castle police, the incident took place at about 5:00 p.m. on Monday, while a brother and sister were riding their bikes near the church.

The children drove their bikes past the church on their way to a nearby park when the incident took place, according to police.

The pastor told police that he was protecting the property of the church because of recent vandalism that occurred.

Slagle is facing charges of intimidation and resisting law enforcement.