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Man gets revenge against girlfriend’s stalker by sending photos of himself in her underwear

By Mason White 9:48 AM October 21, 2016
Karl Hughes and Jessica Davidson 

By: Wayne Morin
A man of the United Kingdom, decided to help his girlfriend get rid of her stalker by replying to the man with a semi-nude photo of himself.

Jessica Davidson of North Yorkshire, received perverted text messages on Facebook, from a man in her neighborhood.

Davidson, who gave birth to her daughter Victoria just three weeks ago, was not in the mood of dealing with her stalker so her boyfriend became creative and he stopped the man from coming after his woman.

Davidson said that the man, who is her Facebook friend, spotted her outside while shopping with her boyfriend Karl Hughes, 28, and their new baby.

That night, he sent Davidson a request for nude photos of herself. Hughes said that after his girlfriend fell asleep, he saw creepy messages coming in from the stalker.

Hughes decided to put the man in his place by posing as Jessica. He put on yellow panties and a wig, and he took selfies.

He then sent the photos to the stalker with the caption: “There ya go darling.”

Hughes also shared the photos with the public.