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Bank manager resigns after stealing toilet seat from hotel during trip with her husband

By Mason White 9:30 AM October 23, 2016
The toilet seat 

By: Feng Qian
A couple was left humiliated after it was discovered that they stole a toilet seat from a luxury hotel.

The tourists from China, were at a hotel in Nagoya, Japan, when they noticed the electronic toilet seat under their bed.

It was a high tech toilet seat that can do things like keep one warm while sitting on it, spraying water to wipe the person clean and drying the bottom when done.

When Mr. Li and Mrs. Chen left the hotel, they took the toilet seat with them. However, the hotel manger soon called their travel agent and demanded that the item be returned.

At first, the couple denied having the item, but they later admitted that they took it. In their defense, the couple said that they thought that another guest left it behind.

They eventually returned the seat to the hotel. When the story was shared on social media, the couple suffered backlash.

The backlash became so bad that Mrs. Chen resigned from her job as a manager at a bank in Zhejiang, in order to save her company the embarrassment of being associated with her.