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Drug dealer calls police to report that customer stole his narcotics

By Mason White 12:33 PM October 23, 2016
Matthew Thomas Forbush 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A drug dealer was charged with drug trafficking after allegedly calling police to report that a customer stole his narcotics, according to police in Ohio.

Canton police said that they have arrested Matthew Thomas Forbush, after officers found him in possession of multiple packages containing painkillers.

Forbush has been charged with trafficking drugs, obstructing official business and possession of drugs. He was booked into the Stark County jail, where he is being held pending a bail hearing.

According to the criminal complaint, police got a call from Forbush on Tuesday night, saying that he was robbed at gunpoint.

Police questioned Forbush and other people in the area before the caller admitted that he was there to sell narcotics. While he was selling narcotics to a customer, he robbed him at gunpoint.

Police searched Forbush, and they found multiple bags of narcotics in his pockets.