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Woman rents her husband out on Facebook for $35 a hour

By Mason White 9:32 AM October 23, 2016
Ken and Patricia Wilson 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman took to Facebook to rent out her husband with great success.

Patricia Wilson of Australia, posted an ad on Facebook, offering to rent her husband out for $35 an hour.

Wilson received praise from women around the country for her clever tactics in advertising her husband for sale on Facebook at the low price of only $35.

She wrote that he is a certified builder and carpenter, who can fix anything. People actually contacted Wilson and offered to give her husband Ken, work around their homes.

Wilson said that she and her husband recently moved from Sydney to Mackay, and her husband was having a hard time finding a job.

Wilson said that many people enjoyed the humor of her ad and offered him jobs. However, when things became slow again, she posted the ad again, and this time it went viral.

Ken was flooded with job offers, including a full time job. He took the offer for the full time work that pays $55 an hour rather than the $35 an hour, which his wife asked for him.